I failed at growing

When recreational marijuana became legal in our state I started researching marijuana growing.

I figured I could save some money by growing our cannabis products at my place.

I obtained seeds from the cannabis dispensary and went to work. After not doing so hot many times I realized that I just didn’t have the right stuff. You need to have special fluorescent or HID lights. There needs to be a Heating & A/C plan and lights changing per month. Also things like humidity, ventilation, food plus water play a key factor with the plants growth, aroma plus potency. I just didn’t have what it takes to grow weed. I have now just completely relied on our dispensary for our products. It is much easier going into the legal weed shop plus picking up what I want. I know I am getting a freshly grown strain of cannabis. The THC amount is absolutely what it says it is going to be plus everything smells fresh. There is a reason that cannabis growers are so big. They need all that equipment plus in order to sell to the cannabis dispensary, they need to create the product from seed to sale. I never had a big goal of selling our product, but I wasn’t even close to that stage. It is nice to know some high end people are making what I am smoking now. It makes sense that not most people are cut out for growing cannabis. It is almost like an artform. I just don’t have the money, brain plus patience for it. I better leave it to the other men.

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Doing delivery is better for me

I lost my job about three months ago plus was actually desperate to get a job fast for the upcoming holidays.

There were not a lot of places hiring.

Most companies in our area are crumbling or doing smaller hours. One location that is thriving is cannabis. All the cannabis dispensaries have either open stores or are doing cannabis delivery. A lot of the legal bud stores near me needed delivery people. Thankfully I was able to pick up a gig quick plus now I supply cannabis for a job. I just drive around five days a week for a few hours delivering products to where I am supposed to. I pick up tons of orders at the legal weed shop plus after that I find a few addresses. Most of the time I just leave the packages on steps, in carports or in their sheds. Occasionally I will need to make maybe a bit of small talk with the customer. For the most part, I can transfer abruptly and efficiently. I have to say, I like my job so much more than our old one. I used to be in an office setting task 40 hours a week. I didn’t enjoy anything plus was busy all the time. Now I can listen to my music, set our own hours plus just have a relaxing morning. It is almost virtually impossible to mess up with this driving job too. Everyone is excited to see me plus I have all the work I want. I actually like being a cannabis delivery driver plus I might make this our long term work path.



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The online part is fun

A lot of people are having some issues with the virus shutting down everything.

I think I am one of the only people who like the way things are going.

I hate going out on errands with a passion. I used to make myself go on my errands on friday. I would spend the whole month dreading them even though the trip took maybe a few hours. I hated making small talk with the employees, waiting in line plus periodically items I needed were not there. So with the virus, everything is online now. I no longer go to the grocery store. My local store allows for delivery. I pick up our same lot of groceries on our computer plus pay a small price for someone to shop plus give them to me. I also do online banking deposits, eye appointments plus I even did a virtual Heating & A/C inspection. I actually like that our local cannabis dispensary does delivery now too. For a while it was the last store there. I could do all our errands online in under 30 minutes plus after that I would need to drive to the legal marijuana store. Now the dispensary is closed down plus only doing delivery or pickup. I choose to have someone drive all our marijuana items to the house plus place it on the front step. I guess sort of like a famous person. I just pick all the things I want and someone else messes with the parts I don’t enjoy. I even have been getting some actually wonderful sales since business for them has been slow.

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I miss that cool vibe

My favorite thing was to go to my local cannabis dispensary plus visit the vape lounge. You can try different cannabis flowers and oil at a bar like set up. After testing out products for a small fee, you can then know what kind of strain to take back home with you. The culture around the vape lounge was fun as well, and everybody was down to chill, talk plus just be there all day. Now that the pandemic is here plus evidently staying, our vape lounge is closed down. With all the sanitation needs plus six feet apart, a vape lounge couldn’t actually function. The cannabis dispensary it is in is all on delivery too. If you want a certain strain of flower or oil, you need to order plus pay on your computer. Then you have the choice of paying more for cannabis delivery to your own or getting curbside choice up at the cannabis shop. That is just not as fun for me. I don’t get to talk to other people plus kick back. I also don’t get to try out current strains of cannabis. I don’t want to fully purchase a product without ever having smoked it, but unfortunately with this COVID thing going on that is our only option. So lately I just have not been smoking as much due to I am not willing to be adventurous with trying current strains for full price. I am also sick of smoking the same thing though. I wonder if our legal weed shop has observed a decline in corporation due to the pandemic.

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It opened up right next door

My apartment complex was built basically in the heart of nothing.

Slowly companies have started to jump in plus rely on the college aged kids all stuck in a building.

There is a restaurant that does quite well since it is walking distance from the complex. The bar gets most people from our building frequenting it. There is also a small shoe store and post office around our apartment now as well. Recently I saw current construction right behind the apartment complex. For months I had been watching the place slowly turn into a giant building. The other renters plus I all were guessing what both of us were getting. Some people were hoping for a grocery store, others wanted a bank and I wanted something wonderful in our area. Basically the only thing I can do is go to a bar or ride my bike away from the apartment. Thankfully the building turned into something fun. I now reside near a recreational marijuana dispensary. The building is crucial plus has all sorts of products like CBD oils, pot laced cookies, topicals plus mouth sprays. All the renters and I have enjoyed trying everything the store has to offer. People from out of town are starting to come to the dispensary now too. That means more cash coming to our location plus hopefully more businesses will follow. It would be nice if our building suddenly became a great spot because of the legal pot store near me. I would like to have more people, stores and companies creeping in so I have something to do.


It opened up right next door

Browsing my options

I had never smoked weed until a recreational pot store opened up near me.

  • In high school cannabis wasn’t allowed and I was not the type of person to use an illegal substance.

I also wasn’t going to find a weed dealer plus get cannabis products on the sly. That just didn’t feel good to me, for years I just went not knowing what marijuana was like. I had smelled it at several music events or school parties however never tried it, but when the legal pot store opened up I finally decided to take advantage of the fact that our state allowed for legal marijuana use. I looked at all the chances for consuming cannabis. There were concentrates that I could take to a dab bar plus try out. There were flower and cannabis oil products that I could smoke in the vape lounge. I also found edibles like chocolates, candies plus gummies. I didn’t actually recognize what system I wanted to try. With each chance too, some are sativa or indica. One is for day use plus gives a brain high plus one is night use for a body high. There are also odd levels of THC and CBD in each strain of cannabis. I was totally lost when I was walking around the pot shop. Finally a budtender took pity on me plus had me trying out odd products right there in the store. I liked that the shop had different areas where you could try products without buying. This allowed me to understand what I like.

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I use a topical for pain

For a long time my friends had been pushing me to try weed! Not only is cannabis fun to smoke, but I was told that it would help my chronic pain.

  • I had ruined my neck while in a workout plus was a little inflamed, so all my friends were telling me that smoking cannabis would make me feel better.

I thought they were just full of it. I did finally do it, go to a recreational cannabis dispensary plus pick up some cannabis oil. I had to buy the actual oil, a vape plus learn how to smoke it, and smoking the oil was not actually for me. I didn’t like being high but I did instantly notice a difference in my neck. My body wasn’t as tight plus I was able to sleep better in the evening. I then went to the dispensary without my friends plus talked to the budtender about what exactly I needed. I told him that I hated smoking and being high, I just wanted my neck pain to go away. The budtender then highly commanded a topical to me. I have a cannabis cream that I now rub onto my neck every evening plus I wake up feeling way less sore. The cream soothes my body plus has a crisp spearmint scent to it. There is no THC getting into our blood and making me high either. There are topical chances like patches with heavy THC that do that however. I choose to only rely on the CBD element of the cannabis plant plus soothe our sore muscles.



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Not always the best quality

Every month I make a large order with the cannabis dispensary that is roughly 35 minutes from my house.

There are two that are much closer to me, but I don’t appreciate their products at all.

Some of the cannabis flower products that I have bought have been mixed quality. While the best dispensaries produce top brand marijuana that goes against some of the best products from out west, others give off products that an average home grower would not be happy at. There are few things worse than opening a container of cannabis flower buds only to get a huge whiff of a foul odor instead of the rich odor of marijuana, and then you pull out a single flower bud that crumbles under the littlest bit of pressure from your fingers. This is the quality that I see several happily paying for each month when they go to these dispensaries. They don’t entirely have the right taste to think what they’re buying is severely low quality. It would be wonderful if these items were super cheap, so their currency value matched their real value. Sadly, you can spend the same at two different marijuana dispensaries as well as receive 1 product that looks, odors, as well as feels like cheap homegrown weed, while the other looks like it could be featured in a movie. I just wish the latter shop had some indica strains for once! They have an abundance of sativa strains as well as sativa leaning hybrid strains, however no indicas right now.

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The cost went up

I can’t know that they made this huge cost change

I do not like it when a store increases their prices on a product that you want. The grocery store I frequent does this properly with random items on the shelves. I live with as well as help my disabled brother on a day to day basis, including all grocery shopping as well as pharmacy stops. My brother likes this special kind of candy that has minerals as well as vitamins in it to improve on taste. It’s entirely the best tasting candy for those who want a healthy snack with a good taste, however its price is also all over the locale at local stores. Sometimes it’s as cheap as four dollars for a pack of candy, while other times it’s as much as six. Unless you make a point to look at the price tag every single time, you’d likely not notice the large price change. This entirely happened with 1 of my favorite dispensaries. I have been using cannabis oil primarily, despite the high cost. There was 1 dispensary where it was affordable, however 1 day the supplier raised their prices by almost three dollars without any word or explanation. When I called to ask what was going on, they simply said that was their current price for cannabis oil. I can’t know that they made this huge cost change. Now I will have to go back to using only cannabis flower items, because it looks like that’s all I’m going to afford for the near future. At least I still have access to weed, that I can say for sure.


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Off of hard cash

Years ago I quit carrying hard cash as a form of currency. I got a credit card as well as numerous debit cards as well as never looked back. I haven’t written a check at the grocery store since before I was done with college. This is why I am always shocked when I see someone using this odd form of payment, but who am I to judge how other people organize as well as spend their cash? Personally, I find plastic to be the most convenient form of all, especially now that most of us have iPhones with internet access as well as apps for our banking needs. No matter where I’m at, as long as I have internet allowance, I can check my bank account balance as well as make transfers if I need to. As much as I enjoy cards over any other form of payment, I have now met my match with the legal marijuana stores in the state. Because cannabis is not yet legal, the national banks do not like dealing with cannabis companies in any state, minus a few places. If I want to buy my marijuana products from the cannabis dispensaries in my state, I have to always have cash on hand or get currency from the bank on my way to the dispensary. It’s upsetting for a person who felt like they had finally rid themselves of handling paper currency ever again. Everything about my purchase experience makes me feel safe in the face of COVID except the currency exchanged at the point of sale.


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