What I did with medical cannabis and cancer

Getting old isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

This is something my brother used to say to me all the time as he was entering his 50s.

He ended up making it to near the 70 year mark before his body just finally gave out. And for him, it may not have been pretty but it was okay. I’m hoping to match that mindset of his as I enter my 60’s. My brother has not been gone long. And that made my cancer diagnosis hit just that much more. Yet with the help I’m getting with medical cannabis, it may not be pretty but I’m fighting. My cancer is not easy. It’s not going to be 1 of those tales where it was caught just in time plus there will be a magic fix. This is something that I have come to accept. Still, going through care is worth the fight for a remission. Who knows how long that could be but it’s worth it. I have to say that I really hate chemo. Medical cannabis is easily helping me with that. At the start, I just couldn’t find an appetite. And when I forced myself to eat, I couldn’t keep it down. Once I started with the cannabis flower product my friend procured me, I found that I could eat. And that is such a large thing because I am putting much needed nutrients in my body. The cannabis products also easily help with my outlook. Not that I’m all excited or anything however I do have a real nice perspective thanks to the cannabis products.


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Turn to medical marijuana

Hiding inside most of your life is not the greatest way to live.

At least it’s not been for me.

Perhaps there are people that actually like being cut off socially. For me, it was the only way I could deal with it. Since I was in our early years, I have had crippling anxiety especially socially. For some reason, I have a terrible feeling that I am being ridiculed and judged all the time. My logical sense knows this. But until I started using medical weed, I truly wasn’t able to listen to the logic in our brain. Having access to a medical marijuana dispensary has changed everything for me. It started when my brother asked me to read some cannabis info that he had gotten at a cannabis activity. He too deals with anxiety, just not to the level that I do. My brother told me that he was experiencing a superb deal of success managing his anxiety in addition to wanting me to at least consider medical cannabis. Well, the earlier cannabis information I got from our brother intrigued me enough to truly do our research. This resulted in me truly getting a cannabis education. From there, I made a choice that I would go through the marijuana regulations in order to get our medical marijuana card. This process went smoothly enough. Yet, I was too anxiety wrecked to go to the medical cannabis dispensary. So our brother helped me. And he was correct about it all. The staff at the cannabis dispensary were so kind in addition to sweet. They were gentle people which truly put me at ease.


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The recovery process with medical weed

So much for getting outdoors and doing all that exercising! I have been a rather sedentary person most of my life until about a year back.

My family truly encouraged me to get off the couch and start moving.

I totally understand given that I was a big heavy and just in bad shape. However just a year after this, I’m so thankful to have access to medical marijuana. Without it, I don’t know if I would be progressing. By progressing, I mean getting back to being healthy after an injury. Part of my newfound exercise regimen was long, all day swims. Each swim I tended to push the degree of difficulty. This was dumb and of course I ended up wrecked as a result. Five months ago, I was heading down a channel after a nearly 7 mile swim. Honestly, I was tired and should have stopped. Instead, I lost myself in a wave and tumbled a really long way and hit some rocks. Fast forward to now and I am finally starting to see the light and it’s in a sizable space due to getting a cannabis education. After surgery to fix my legs, I was in poor pain that was treated with high powered pain killers. This was something that I quickly became dependent on. I couldn’t go to physical therapy without my drug. And that pill became a few more. Luckily, my medical professional got me some cannabis information and helped me through the marijuana regulations. I’m done with the pills as I am managing pain with the medical cannabis products I acquire from the cannabis dispensary.

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My self image is better

Self image is a truly harsh thing.

It’s something that I don’t feel all of us totally understand.

How we see ourselves has such a large impact on the way life is lived and interaction is made. It’s just that we don’t realize just how horrible the body image stuff can be. Medical cannabis is helping me to put my life back together due to the damaging effects of body image. I have never truly liked our body. And mainly that’s because the story I get from our culture is my body size and shape aren’t great. That was something that I truly became obsessed with. I wanted so badly to be like the images I saw of bodies that people basically worshipped. The cannabis products I am using during therapy for our eating disorder and self worth issues are helping me regain our health. I nearly cratered our entire body. There was a lot of binging in addition to purging followed by heaping amounts of self loathing. Happily, with the help of cannabis gummies in addition to therapy I am now learning how to feed our body. I’m also learning that appetite can be a good thing. This is all better for me. However, the medical cannabis that I acquire from the legal weed store helps me assume that this is an enjoyable direction. Not only do I have a healthy appetite after using medical cannabis, it helps me to choose better and heavier things to eat. There is something about medical cannabis that helps me be positive about this change.


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The stress of the war

There are a lot of bad things in our world.

I feel I didn’t truly know to the levels of bad until I experienced it for myself.

Growing up in this country with two great parents, stability in addition to nearly unlimited love can be a really great experience. So when a person goes through some horrific experience, it can be truly that much more horrible. I am learning how to go back to my life with the help of medical cannabis because I have experienced trauma in addition to it changing me. Growing up, I saw armed combat and serving one’s country in a really unreal way. But that is how it’s shown in movies. Real warfare is another thing entirely. Having experienced many tours of duty where I was exposed to the silly brutality of war has left me emotionally in addition to physically wrecked. I belong to a therapy group of other soldiers who are dealing with much the same thing. Part of the therapy is using medical weed. The thing about the cannabis products and what they do for me are tough to clearly define in clinical terms. What I can say is that I feel much more calm with the medical cannabis in addition to our paranoid fears. Also, I am able to talk about our feelings which truly helps get me past this busted stage of where I am. There is no doubt that the medical cannabis I got from the legal weed store is helping. It’s helping a great deal. I don’t know that I’ll ever be what I was before our traumatic experiences.

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Need to reduce the inflammation in my body

It’s tough sometimes to avoid falling down the wrong path.

I guess that has been really true for me.

Up until a few years back, my life had been so great. Well, that may be an exaggeration. But looking back and comparing it to now, it sure feels that way. I’ve been dealing with conditions where my joints and tissues are inflamed. This creates a lot of pain. I’ve been incorporating medical cannabis into our treatment which is helping both the inflammation in addition to my emotional state. When your body hurts all the time and you’re so limited as to what you can do, it’s simply upsetting to deal with. And I was starting to go the route of thinking of myself as a victim. It’s understandable however so not healthy for me. The medications I have used help some but the negative effects often cause me to feel tired, dizzy or sick like. But a buddy got me some cannabis information she got from a cannabis event at a medical marijuana dispensary. After doing a bit more research to acquire more cannabis education, I found that medical cannabis was an chance for me. Under a professional’s care, I went to the medical marijuana dispensary to get the certain cannabis products that would help me. Once I started using the cannabis products, the good points hit me immediately. The inflammation reduced in addition to my spirits rose. It was the first time in years that I actually felt like I was going to be able to manage our condition. That is nearly the best feeling I have ever had.


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Eating healthier and that is because of weed

It’s not like I have ever been bad about what I ate.

Actually, I would say the opposite is true.

Taking care of my body has been something that I have done since I was just a kid. Both my parents were hardcore health nuts and they gave that to me. I’ve been eating great since I can remember. On top of that I was a swimmer and in superb condition. So smoking medical cannabis was not anything that I thought I would end up doing. And using medical cannabis to manage chronic pain was even more a remote occasion. Well that is until those really things became space of our week to week reality. It just goes to show that there are certain things, events in addition to conditions that simply can not be either avoided or controlled. It took me a long time after being diagnosed with chronic pain for me to truly understand that. Happily, I have access to the medical cannabis that makes that sort of perspective even possible for me. I can’t even imagine going through this experience with chronic pain without medical cannabis. And yet, by just the luck of my state I have access to legal weed stores where others who are suffering simply don’t. For me, I wasn’t willing to go into some sort of chemical dependence due to my condition. But that’s exactly what I saw myself doing as I became more in addition to more dependent on the meds. Happily, a single of our friends helped me out, got me to a cannabis event where I got a cannabis education. My professional helped me wean off the meds as I started using the cannabis products to manage pain. It has been so really successful.


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Had to turn to medical weed

It didn’t truly take too long to realize that there was truly something odd happening with my body. I didn’t feel like me at all. It was as though easy motor skills were suddenly not all that easy. Now that I am using medical marijuana, I can say that those tasks are much better. But it took me a while before I finally decided I needed to see a professional about my concerns. It didn’t take really long for the professional to come back with a diagnosis of MS. I was silent. This was the last thing that I thought I would ever have to deal with. I didn’t even know anyone with MS in addition to here I was trying to figure out what comes next. Thankfully, the doctor recommended that I add medical cannabis to our treatment. There were great meds that will help, he said. But the medical cannabis will help immediately with the muscle spasms in addition to stiffness that I was beginning to experience. He also told me that medical marijauna will help me sort it all out. This was something that I needed for sure. And I’m glad I listened to the professional. In our state, I can get access to a cannabis dispensary without a medical marijuana card. However, there are certain cannabis dispensaries that gear themselves more to medical marijuana. I got myself to a single of these legal weed stores. This was such a great move. Not only was I met with love, care and hope but they were able to get me cannabis products to help our certain situation. Plus, they were so great in getting me involved in an MS support group that used medical cannabis.

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Medical cannabis is honestly what is keeping me alive

When you’re relatively young, in fine shape as well as fit, the last thing you expect to hear from your doctor is that you have gotten cancer.

  • When I heard the words testicular cancer, everything after that was completely a blur.

It was as though I was fully underwater or something of that nature. The sounds were making their way through however were actually garbled. So ecstatic I wasn’t on my own or I might not have understood that I had a pretty good chance of beating this type of cancer. And thanks to medical marijuana, I am fighting with everything I got. Once I had the diagnosis, everything went severely fast. There was a surgery to remove the mass as well as check how far the cancer had spread. Then I had to dive into chemo. This is where medical cannabis first started helping me big time. The chemo slammed me hard as well as I was really sick nearly always. I had no appetite whatsoever. But after my spouse went to the legal weed shop for some unique medical marijuana products, it got better almost right away. At first, I used the cannabis flower products however I was having a challenging time not coughing it all out. So we switched to cannabis gummies. That was truly the answer. It helped carry me through chemo. Now that I am dealing with the radiation process, medical marijuana is helping me manage the pain as well as help me keep a truly positive outlook. And being positive is probably the best thing a person in my situation can do. I really hope I will be in remission soon. Thanks to medical marijuana I do believe I can make that happen.
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I think I will pull through my cancer battle with medical cannabis

When you’re really young, in amazing shape and fit, the last thing you expect to hear from your health worker is that you have cancer. When I heard the words testicular cancer, everything after that was essentially a blur. It was as though I was floating underwater or something. The sounds were getting through but were totally garbled. So thrilled I wasn’t by myself or I might not have understood that I had a truly excellent chance of actually beating this style of cancer. And thanks to medical marijuana, I am fighting with essentially all I have. Once I had the diagnosis, everything went relatively quickly. There was a surgery to remove the mass and check how far the cancer had spread. Then it was me heading into chemo. This is where medical cannabis helped me a lot. The chemo hit me especially hard and I was nauseous basically all the time. I had zero appetite. But after my wifey went to the legal weed store for some particular medical marijuana products, it got better pretty fast. At first, I utilized the cannabis flower products however I was having a challenging time not coughing everything away. So the two of us switched to cannabis gummies. That was most definitely the answer. It completely got me through chemo. Now that I am dealing with the radiation process, medical marijuana is easily helping me manage the pain and help me keep a completely positive outlook. And being positive is one of the finest things a person in my situation can do. It won’t be too long I hope before I am in remission. Thanks to medical marijuana I believe I will make it.

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