Where to start?

I know my friend thinks that I disapprove of her recreational marijuana use. I know she uses the stuff. I can smell it on her. But she never has any marijuana products around when I come to visit. A few times I’ve shown up when she wasn’t expecting it, she always quickly hides everything as though I’m her mom or something. The real idea is, I’ve been hoping to try legal recreational marijuana myself but I do not get where to start. I do not want to just go to a cannabis shop and feel dumb asking a bunch of stupid questions. So I finally decided that I would ask my buddy for some assistance. Of course, when I asked her about her recreational marijuana use, she denied it. I suppose that is kind of funny. But once I reassured her that I’m actually looking to use some recreational marijuana with her, she did admit that she uses legal weed. We talked about the different marijuana products a bit and then she volunteered to take me to a marijuana dispensary and show me around a tad. I took her up on her offer and was pretty amazed at all of the ways to get weed in the body. You can smoke, eat or use a topical to get the THC or CBD. I know that there are edibles and things like that so people do not need to know that I use legal marijuana, if I do not want them to know. My buddy pointed me in the right direction.

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Now I need to use weed for aches and pains

I was a police officer for over 15 years.

I can’t tell you how many people had marijuana in their car.

Looking back, I truly regret pulling them over. I quit the force a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. I have a little bit of stress from my time as a police officer and I have the aches and pains that come with getting older. But, I was reluctant when a buddy of mine suggested using legal cannabis for my pains. It’s just been so ingrained in me that weed is bad and a gateway drug. It’s difficult to untrain your mind from 10 years of cop work. But then again, that was my problem. That’s why I have the stress to start with. After talking it over with numerous good friends, I finally decided I was going to try legal weed for the first time. I went to a recreational cannabis store and they were entirely great in helping me find some legal marijuana to help me with my stress and my aches and pains. I liked that they had oils and edibles for me to try as well. The thought of smoking a joint or a bong does not appeal to me at all. It just has too many stigmas attached to them. I also don’t think inhaling smoke is good. I can get the THC in my body in other ways. I also only need CBD for most of my issues. I can just use an oil in my coffee in the morning. It is as simple as that.



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His state is so lax about weed

I live in a state where Cannabis is legal but there are lots of guidelines on how and where you can have marijuana.

That’s why I was baffled when I went to visit my brother in a different state.

I mean, I shouldn’t have been shocked. His state is really loose on laws. You can literally walk down the beach and smell marijuana being vaped, smoked or eaten. Pretty much everywhere my brother and I went, I could smell somebody smoking legal weed. That is something that takes some getting used to. In fact, it takes me back to those days in high school when I was under the bleachers. You would just walk through the school and catch a whiff of marijuana here and there. Of course, back in those days, it wasn’t legal. Now that it is, I suppose it’s kind of neat how open pretty much everyone is about. Especially here in my brother’s state. There’s a legal marijuana dispensary on just about every street. Out of curiosity, I decided to go into a dispensary when I was out for a walk by myself. I was truly tempted to buy some of the legal weed and take it back to my house with me. I haven’t smoked the stuff since my early school afternoons. I’m not sure what my brother would think of me ripping a bong on our trip together. So instead I bought myself some topicals. I got shampoo, lotion and bath bombs with CBD in them. I also got new edibles for the two of us and some for just me to try later on.


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Vape lounge by the dog park

I’m super pumped! They opened a local weed store right next to the dog park.

  • I take my dog to the dog park almost every friday after work.

I have to in order to burn off some of her energy. But, that time of day, I have almost no energy left. I just want to relax and get prepared to go to sleep. I usually end up browsing online and watching my dog. Almost everyday I wish I had brought a little bit of pot with me to help me kick back. I always forget to do that though. Yesterday, I was, once more, wishing that I had brought some pot with me when I looked across the street and noticed a weed shop had opened up. It hadn’t been there before. At least, I do not think it had. I dashed across and searched through their supply. They had a lot of vapes, bongs and pipes. There were oils, edibles and topicals. I decided to make use of the dab bar and vape lounge while I was there. My dog was being watched anyway. After I got sufficiently baked, I headed back to my dog park. I have to say, It was a great evening. I know I’m going to start doing this more often. Maybe even every friday I will head over. There is no reason that both me and my dog cannot burn off some of the day’s stress together. She does that by running around like crazy with other pups. I can then smoke a little bit in the lounge and then pick her up. I might try some new stuff while I am there too.

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I want a little variety

I was having a lot of issues finding a legal recreational cannabis dispensary that I want to go to. The legal recreational cannabis dispensaries are not rare where I am. None of them seem to be any decent though. They only had a few strains like OG Kush, Orange Kush, Blue Dream and Purple Haze. This is not what I was looking for. They seem to be catering to the tight market and not to those of us who have been using cannabis for a long time. I kept looking anyway. I mean, I could usually find what I wanted at those great cannabis dispensaries. It’s just that it cost more than it truly should and it was kind of hit-or-miss whether they would carry my products. Then I heard about this new legal recreational cannabis dispensary in my area that just opened up. She told me that it has everything she has been looking for and that it is way better than most of the other dispensaries she has come to. I did not have our hopes up too much but I decided to give them a try; You know what? My buddy was right. This legal recreational cannabis dispensary has everything I’ve been searching for. They have a truly wonderful stock of everything for typical cannabis use. They do have stuff for the tight market as well. In short, they truly have a lot of stuff. This new recreational cannabis dispensary is a little bit farther from my house than I’d like but it is worth it to get some variety.


I want a little variety

Can I give my dog weed?

I made a big mistake when I got a big dog.

I’m not saying that getting the dog was a mistake but I made big mistakes while training my dog.

For instance, I truly should have put more effort into the bed training him. Now that my dog is over a hundred pounds, and I simply cannot leave my dog alone. He breaks out of his crate. He has extreme separation anxiety and he destroys the house while he is all by himself. I had to hire a professional trainer to help us with this. But, in the meantime, my poor puppy gets what he wants. That means he gets to go all over the place. So I have to order all of my food online and then have them delivered to my house. That also means that I ordered all of our marijuana products on the computer too. Now these are legal marijuana products sold by recreational marijuana shops. They have a truly nice shop with a lot of different marijuana strains for sale. I used to go inside, back before my dog wouldn’t let me leave. But now, I just order what I need and then they take it out to me at the house. Cannabis delivery is kind of sweet. I have even thought of finding a strain of weed that might mellow my dog out. What would happen if he ate an edible? Maybe my dog would let me go places if he was high or zoned out.

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Why would she tell on me?

After all, there’s nothing against weed use here

I know it might be time for me to find a new church. On Thursday, my pastor pulled me aside and started talking really strange to me. It was talking about sins and addiction. At first I had no clue why I had been singled out but after that I remembered that I had seen the pastor’s adult daughter at the legal weed dispensary on the weekend. That’s the only thing I can think of that would elicit such a speech from the pastor. I have no idea how the pastor’s daughter was able to tell him that she saw me at the legal weed shop without implicating herself as well. Maybe she said she was just in the parking lot of the local mall or at a restaurant. I do not know what would possess her to tell me too, but clearly, she feels legal weed use is alright. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been there buying herself a pipe. I was so tempted to rat her out while the pastor was thumping me over the head with sins and other crap. That wouldn’t be the right thing to do though. Instead, I know I’m going to find a church that is just a little bit more loose. After all, there’s nothing against weed use here. I do not like being judged for my marijuana use. I actually use weed to sleep better at night too. My CBD oil doesn’t even get me high! Everything I do is for medical reasons.


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The store is right in town now!

A new legal cannabis store just opened up a street from my house.

I suppose they were all kinds of petitions to try to keep it from starting up in this quaint town. I know the petitions failed because here the store sits. Honestly, I do not mind the legal cannabis store being here. I refused to sign the papers when my neighbors came to our door and asked for me to do it. I know this infuriated them a little bit. Ever since I refused to sign the paper, I’ve been getting some odd looks from some of our neighbors. I suppose word got out that I am a druggie or something. I will tell you, I do partake in legal weed from time to time. I used to have to drive about 20 minutes away to get our legal cannabis. Now, I can just walk to the shop! Of course, I can feel that my friends are unhappy with me when I do walk to the store. I do not care. I’m too old to care. Besides, I’ve seen a few of my buddies go to the store too. They look away when they see me but I do not know what has everyone so upset, cannabis is legal now. This up-to-date store is truly nice as well. They have all sorts of marijuana strains and you can even order the products on the computer and they’ll take them out to your automobile for you. I’ve seen a few of our friends doing that too. I know they are embarrassed to be seen in the store. It does not matter, I know weed is good for a lot of things.

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I just won’t smoke it then

I truly like a nice long drag of weed, especially now that I’m older.

  • It truly helps with the aches and pains.

My girlfriend Wendy has never truly supported our marijuana use. I met her after marijuana became legal in this state. Wendy pretty much just pretended that I did not smoke pot. With this coronavirus going around, Wendy has started getting on me about smoking marijuana. She keeps sending me blogs about how smoking increases your risk for the virus. She’s also started truly bugging me about it. It’s starting to get on my last nerves. Finally, I promised that I would try to quit smoking. I was entirely careful with our words. I did not say I would stop using legal marijuana products. I said I would try to quit smoking. So I headed down to our legal marijuana shop and asked them about some of the other marijuana options. I was pretty excited that they have some of my regular strains in other products like edibles and topicals. I also cna get cannabis oil if I want and vape it. I decided to give some of these marijuana products a try and, true to our word, I did not buy any straight up buds. My girlfriend was not entirely thrilled when she saw what I bought. This just reaffirmed my belief that it wasn’t the virus she is afraid of. She doesn’t want me using marijuana at all. It helps me out and I don’t care what she thinks.

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My nana goes to the dispensary

Recently, my entire family has decided that nana should no longer be in the car.

Nana got into a small accident a month back and she got into another one just recently.

In all honesty, her driving has been getting worse and worse over the last few years. Fortunately, she agreed with us that we have to take away her keys. I know Nana is starting to understand that she shouldn’t be driving. So now her family members are driving her wherever she needs to go. I did not think much of it when nana called me on Thursday and asked me to take her to the store. I knew that my dad had just taken her to the store the afternoon before, and that she had gotten a lot of stuff, but I wasn’t doing anything anyway. I did not mind taking her if she wanted to go. So I loaded up Nana and I headed toward her regular market! That’s when she told me that she wanted to go to a different store. She directed me and I was surprised that we went to a legal marijuana dispensary… At first I thought I had the wrong place however then nana got right out of the automobile like she knew where she was and started walking in. Once inside, she bought a number of marijuana items and then turned to me and asked if I wanted something too. I took her up on her offer and got some edibles. After that, I drove her back home. I just had no idea that nana used weed for chronic pain!


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