Finding out what I am missing

For the past year or more, there just seems to be something missing.

I work a lot and I am thankful to have a job that pays pretty decently.

Although, I don’t really love my task and never really have. It’s like I go to the office because I have to make the money. Not everything about the task is bad but it’s particularly not my passion. That got me thinking back to when I had a passion. That was a time when I was in graduate school. And I was also using recreational cannabis fairly often. It was a time when I was also studying a passion of mine with an aim to make it my life’s work. Then I was offered a good position and out went my passion along with the recreational weed. What a shame I allowed that to happen. For many years now, I have felt trapped in my job. I need the work to support life plus all that. I started seeing a therapist who treats men like me with a much more holistic approach. Part of it included a trip to the marijuana dispensary. There I was able to get access to legal cannabis in order to stop some of my issues. A fantastic deal of the holistic process is getting truthful about what I want in my life. And the addition of legal cannabis from the cannabis dispensary gives me an ability to really sit with myself. Using legal weed has helped me change my perspective and become more real with people. I’m even considering looking for another task that reflects my graduate work. Life is exciting and real again thanks to legal weed.

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It helps with my anxiety

My life has always been all about getting the next thing. This is just the way I was raised from the time I can think back. Both of my parents were high energy, results kind of people. I was an only child plus they had big expectations. This was the basis of what became a life spent achieving instead of just relaxing. And it went on like this for decades until I found myself at a marijuana dispensary. Being at the marijuana dispensary was not simply a sparse act but it was a part of some serendipity. A superb friend I hadn’t seen in a particularly long time came to visit. She had been a high achiever just as I was. But she found that life lacked meaning. That’s when she found that balance with a holistic approach to life. That approach also incorporated the use of legal weed. I was okay with cbd products because my partner plus I used the cbd products to help us go to bed at night. However, I had never used recreational marijuana of any kind. During her visit, my neighbor advised that we stop at the marijuana dispensary. While there, all of us talked to a staff member who put together some samples for me. While I was a bit unsure to try the legal weed, the fact that my superb neighbor would be with me eased my anxiousness. It was a fact that I had been really missing out on life plus that achievement was all I really knew. The first time I used legal cannabis, I found a part of life that had been hidden from me up until then.

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Need it to cut down on the stress

I know this change has been a long time in the making.

My life has been spiraling out of control for the better part of a year now.

And the rest of the time prior only set the period for what has become a life of stress plus anxiety. But happily, thanks to legal cannabis plus the marijuana store near me along with a more holistic approach to life, that is all changing. It took my partner simply spitting it out for me to decide to get better about my life. She told me that she simply could no longer sit by while I ruined myself and my health for a job. I’m sure I’m not the first partner to hear that. My partner has been urging me to use CBD products to help me sleep plus relax. I wasn’t particularly consistent in my approach to the cbd products though. And I just pressed on with the work weeks and using alcohol to make myself sleep. Finally, I agreed to see a therapist who uses a holistic approach to treating people like me. Part of that approach was the use of legal cannabis. The legal weed went along with a change to a healthy diet, more consistent exercise and adding relaxation. The legal cannabis was essential when it came to being able to sit plus be still. This is something that I have never been great at doing. I have a need for movement. The more I sit with myself the more uncomfortable I would become. The legal weed allowed me to drop all those ideas. The results of this holistic approach have saved my marriage and maybe my life.

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Changing how I feel

I lost my brother just over 5 years back.

  • And losing my brother was beyond challenging not to mention the grief plus loss I experienced.

However, my brother would not have wanted me to simply just give up on life. But it’s a shame that he isn’t able to share in this new chapter of my life. Since I finished my job, I have embraced legal cannabis. When I moved away, I found myself in a new place but soon found great friends. One volleyball buddy went on plus on about the pros she had received through the use of cbd products. She encouraged me to go with her to the cannabis dispensary. At first, I was quite unsure about it. I had nothing to do with recreational marijuana in multiple decades. And even the experience I had with recreational weed was small. But my buddy confided to me that once she got such a boost from the cbd products. She tried legal cannabis. It was a big change for her. That was enough for me to at least go along to the cannabis dispensary plus talk to the people there my buddy advised I speak with. I was quite happy with the comprehension plus expertise of the staff at the cannabis dispensary. This allowed me the confidence to give legal weed a try. I too am now experiencing a welcome shift in my life. I am now able to achieve a good sense of calm, peace plus acceptance that is much needed as I embrace this area of my life.


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I panicked when they said I had Lyme’s disease.

I did extensive research and found that medical marijuana would help with the pain and inflammation that goes with Lyme’s disease

When you grow up in the mountains, you spend a lot of time in the woods and playing outdoors. I remember my mom stripping us down at the end of the day, and checking us for ticks. We never gave much thought to getting a tick on us. We would get a red rash if mom didn’t find one, but it went away after a couple days of itching. Back then, we never gave a thought to the possibility that one of those ticks could cause us a lifetime of grief. When I found out that I hadn’t found a tick, but the red rash was getting worse and I had a large, hot, red ring, I went to the doctor. After doing some tests, he said it was a tiny deer tick, and I had to watch out for Lyme’s disease. When I started with muscle spasms, painful joints, and other small symptoms, I had a test done. They told me I had Lyme’s disease and it was well established. They gave me some medication, but I didn’t like how I felt. Then, I realized that marijuana was able to help with so many different things, I wondered if it wouldn’t help with Lyme’s disease. I did extensive research and found that medical marijuana would help with the pain and inflammation that goes with Lyme’s disease. It would ease the muscle spasms and work better than medications. I went to my doctor and I was able to get a medical marijuana card. The people at the legal medical marijuana dispensary helped me to choose different marijuana products, and I am pleased to say that I am feeling much better.

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I have Lyme’s disease.

Who would have known that a tiny little brown tick could possibly make my life such a mess.

If I had known that a tick could nearly wreck my life, I would have been careful when I was in the woods.

It was my misfortune to have that tick get onto my skin and not be found, and to have it give me Lyme disease. Because of Lyme disease, I recently added medical cannabis to my treatment. If I hadn’t had the medical cannabis, I’m not sure what I would have done. My symptoms were overwhelming. I have autoimmune syndrome, spasms, and several other problems. My body has been putting my life and my health through the wringer. I had Lyme disease for almost two years before I discovered medical marijuana. I wasn’t doing very well with the cannabis. I was tired all the time, and every day brought new pain. Inflammation and spasms. When my wife learned about the benefits of cannabis, she told me about how it can treat Lyme disease. She got all the information and then she helped me get the medical card and go to the cannabis dispensary. Our first trip to the cannabis dispensary was really interesting. I was mesmerized with the way my wife knew so much about cannabis and the question she asked. About three weeks after starting cannabis therapy, I already feel a difference. I feel like cannabis has enhanced the effects of my medication and made them work better. No one has to tell me about the benefits of medical cannabis because I am living through them.

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I came close to being a drug addict.

Had I not gotten some information about cannabis, I think I may have a real drug problem right about now.

I was really close to becoming addicted to pain pills. Fortunately, I got some materials that educated me on cannabis and I am now managing my pain without the fear of becoming addicted. When I was in a car accident, I had some pretty bad back injuries. I ended up having several surgeries, but they supposedly corrected my back. The unfortunate part is although I can walk now, I am also going through some pretty high levels of pain and I will be for the rest of my life. That is exactly what the doctor told me. I didn’t know if I could spend the rest of my life in this much pain, if it was just at the lower levels. The doctor was giving me prescriptions for pain med and he constantly had to change them. Every time he gave me a different drug, it was stronger and there were more potent opiates in them. I talked to my doctor about the possibility of adding medical marijuana to my regimen. I went to a couple classes that talked about marijuana and how it worked. I found out that medical marijuana was able to control pain, even if it was in a person who suffered from chronic pain. Once I got my medical marijuana card and went to the medical cannabis dispensary, I was on my way to a life that had less pain. Medical cannabis saved my life and I feel better since I’m no longer using the opioids.

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Medical marijuana gave me strength.

From as far back as I can remember, I was abused by my parents.

In a way, I am sure they loved me and they thought they were being good parents.

Being afraid to take off a jacket because someone may see the welts, is taking parenting a bit too far. Not being able to sit for three days is poor parenting. Because of the abuse, I was left with PTSD and I was always afraid. I was afraid to go near people or even talk to them, because I thought they may turn against me. When I was told about the possibility of using medical marijuana to deal with my anxiety and anger issues, I called my therapist. I told him about the research I had done. He agreed that marijuana could be the therapy that would help me. He gave me a card to a doctor who would give me a prescription so I could get my medical marijuana card. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my card and to go to the legal marijuana dispensary. I use cannabis gummies, and I often mix it with different medical cannabis products. The CBD gummies keep me going all day long and if my anxiety creeps back in in the evening, I have the medical cannabis to take the edge off. I am feeling better and I am finding I enjoy being around my family again. It is all because of medical marijuana and CBD gummies. It’s hard to believe that my journey of anxiety and constant popping pills is coming to an end because of medical marijuana and CBD.

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Thanks to medical marijuana, Grandma is still with us.

The hardest thing I had to do was to watch my grandmother get older.

I remembered her laughing all the time and dancing with us. Now that grandma is nearing ninety, she isnt herself. To be honest, on most days she doesn’t even know who she is. This is bothersome and I hate to think about her situation. The dementia was to the point where my mom was considering putting her into a nursing home. I went with her to her last doctor’s appointment and I was talking to her doctor. I told him I had done some research and I saw research that showed the use of medical marijuana could help grandma to get some clarity. He sat and looked at me and told me that he had read the study about medical marijuana, but he wasn’t certified to be able to give me the prescription. He sent me to a local veterinarian who gave grandma a prescription for medical marijuana. Because of her mental state, I was able to get the medical marijuana card and go into the marijuana dispensary for her supplies. They showed me all different marijuana products, but I only wanted gummies. I knew I could get grandma to eat the gummies. After six weeks, we saw a big difference in how many days she was aware of us, and it was because of medical marijuana. Last week we were talking about how I had to go to the Vet for the medical marijuana card. I heard grandma woof and growl and I turned around to look at her. She said she was just kidding.


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Severe anxiety was threatening my life.

Every morning when I wake up, I face a world that is filled with fear and anxiety.

I have spent most of my life trying to deal with severe anxiety issues.

The fact that I don’t sleep well because of my anxieties, just makes my life more difficult to live. Lately however, I have found a new way to deal with my anxiety. I have found a way to manage my life with the use of medical cannabis. I was seeking any and all information I could find on how to treat severe anxiety without the use of drugs. I had been through a long period of taking several different drugs, and none of them have helped. In some cases, the drugs exasperated the anxiety so badly that I tried to take my own life. Life sucked as it was, but I wasn’t ready to do myself in. When I heard about legal marijuana therapy, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I talked to my doctor and he told me he couldn’t give me the prescription for medical marijuana, but he knew a doctor who would. Once I got the medical marijuana prescription, all I had to do was get my medical marijuana card and go to the legal medical cannabis dispensary. It was only two weeks into my medical marijuana therapy, when I realized I had slept all night. I laughed at something someone had said at work. I felt like I could make it through a day and still be happy. Thanks to medical marijuana, I am learning to live again.

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