Jonathan’s Brownies

My brother Jonathan has always been a fan of marijuana and marijuana products. Ever since he was in high school, he always dabbled in marijuana and cannabis and he enjoyed making the occasional pot brownie whenever our parents were out of town for the weekend. These days, he’s all grown up, but he still uses marijuana and cannabis on a fairly regular basis. And for family reunions he always still whips up a batch of his famous pot brownies. However, these days Jonathan does more than smoke weed and make pot brownies! He’s also a small business owner. A year or so ago, Jonathan applied for and received his license for becoming a marijuana dispensary here in town. He’s the only one within a hundred mile radius, and so he actually does a lot of business selling marijuana and cannabis products. He says that the products he sells the most of are actually vaporizers and edibles. People just love marijuana edibles and so Jonathan is always selling out of them! He’s thinking about getting another kind of license that will allow him not only to sell edibles but to also become a maker of them. It requires another kind of licensing, though, since he will also have to become a commercial kitchen or something like that. I told him that it would probably be worth the trouble and the money because his version of pot brownies are already famous in our county! I’m sure that people would come from all over the state for his pot brownies and other kinds of edibles!

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