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When our husbandy was diagnosed with cancer, every one of us were upset, anxious, in addition to scared, my husbandy was the first guy in his family to acquire a cancer diagnosis, and the people I was with and I were particularly surprised at first, because every one of us never expected the medical problem to be cancer.

During the first few weeks of chemotherapy, our husbandy was sick in addition to exhausted, nothing helped with the side effects, in addition to every one of us tried everything.

The people I was with and I tried pills in addition to over-the-counter supplements, in addition to every one of us even tried some herbal supplements from the health store. My husbandy joined an online therapy group, in addition to someone recommended that our husbandy try medical marijuana! At first, I was flabbergasted by the idea. I didn’t guess a lot of information about medical marijuana, in addition to I was upset that our husbandy would get hooked on drugs. After reading more about medical marijuana, I realize how crazy I was acting. Medical marijuana can help with a variety of side effects from cancer. My husbandy in addition to I had no plan how to find marijuana, so I decided to ask 1 of our university students. I had a tray of pot brownies the next afternoon, and bill told our husbandy to consume 1 brownie each afternoon, after he took his chemotherapy pills. After a few afternoons, our husbandy was feeling better with a immense appetite. I can’t believe the pot brownies worked so well. Now every one of us have a standing order with Bill for pot brownies, he makes a fresh batch every 2 weeks, in addition to sends them new home with me, and every batch is made from a strange strain of medical marijuana. Bill is going to get an “A” this year in American History.

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