Selling cannabis edibles

I sell my edibles for incredibly cheap, about $5 because I want to be competitive

I get cannabis at the moment from my older brother and use the kitchen in his beach residence to create cannabis butter. My state recently legalized recreational marijuana and CBD, so all kinds of first timers are coming to me for my products. I don’t even have to market, the edibles totally fly off the shelf. I guess that edibles are actually the best way to consume cannabis, as there is no smell or smoke, so it’s not unhealthy in the least. The effects of pot brownies last quite a bit longer and the price is usually far cheaper! Next I am going to start offering delivery of my marijuana products and see if my company grows a lot more. Once recreational marijuana is legal in all 50 states I am going to try and start a cannabis delivery service. I will have all types of strains and supply to a variety of people who are looking to buy. One of my number one strains to make my edibles out of is Orange kush, the taste is fabulous and people keep asking for more. I sell my edibles for incredibly cheap, about $5 because I want to be competitive. There are a good amount of other people selling marijuana products out there. If my company continues to grow I will likely open up a larger place where I can actually make a good amount of edibles and push my products as a full time task. I’m only doing this part time at the moment.

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