Medical Benefits of Indica

Since the legalization of cannabis in our country, the scientific community as a whole have learned valuable lessons and conducted many experiments resulting in a greater knowledge of cannabis and its use in general health.

One of the major strains of cannabis has been a helpful addition to those struggling with stress and related symptoms.

Indica is helpful in creating mental relaxation, which helps with stress management. It also helps your muscles to relax, which would be helpful with spasms and general soreness that can result from both medical and day to day pain. It also reduces pain, causing medical users to stay away from potentially harmful and addictive pain medications that have plagued our nation. Since the introduction of indica, people have found that they feel more relaxed and in less pain than before they began taking cannabis. Thankfully, Indica is a high-yielding plant, meaning that the cost will be much lower and the medication will be much more obtainable than other types of cannabis. When I was younger, I struggled with higher stress than usual. However, unlike many, I never worried or mentally processed my stress. I only realized that I was stressed when my body began twitching and reacting to the stress. Since beginning my cannabis treatment, I have been able to completely stop twitching, and my stress levels have almost disappeared. Also, I used to be underweight, but another helpful side effect is that indica increased your appetite. I am so thankful for cannabis. When people ask me how I manage my stress on a daily basis, I tell them that cannabis was my solution.


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