How you can learn about dispensary products online.

It can be very easy to overlook the basics when you are opening a new cannabis dispensary.

I never even thought about purchasing my point of sale system for my cannabis dispensary, until a week before I opened the business.

The only thing I was thinking about, was getting quality strains of marijuana and hiring good staff to work in my cannabis dispensary. It really doesn’t matter how many marijuana products I have in my store if I don’t have a cash register to ring it up in. Once I realized there were several things I had to purchase before I could have my grand opening, I started to get a bit nervous. I was down to the week before my opening and I didn’t have a sound system and I don’t know anyone who wants to shop for marijuana when the store is completely quiet. Since the answer is nobody wants to shop in a quiet store, I had to get a good sound system. I also had to install a good accounting system where it was easy for the budtenders to sell the products and give the descriptions of what they were selling. I didn’t have business cards and I had to get a website. I had less than a week before the cannabis dispensary opening and I was worried. I have good budtenders and I even have the best marijuana, Girl Scout Cookies. I don’t know how I did it, but I was ready by the time the grand opening of my cannabis dispensary. I am hoping to be the best cannabis dispensary in the area.


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