Why you should drug test workers.

Anything that has to do with marijuana products, is being held under a microscope rightnow. There are some states that has legalized marijuana but there are also many states that still have a ban on the product. If you live in a state where it is legal, starting a cannabis dispensary can be very rewarding, since it is a rapidly growing business. There are some things that needs to go into considerations before you open your cannabis dispensary. You need to make sure that all product your purchase is of good quality. Buying pot brownies off your neighbor could be suicide for your business. High quality cannabis is marijuana that is tested for quality before going up for sale. You also need to find good budtenders. If you want to find a good budtender for your dispensary, it is not going to be easy. You may think that if someone has used marijuana, then you may think that someone who uses marijuana knows a lot about the product. This could be a big mistake for your business. The stoner may know a lot, but they don’t know about every oil and every strain and they may not be very reliable. Should you own a medical cannabis dispensary, it is important to test the budtenders you are hiring. If your budtender should test positive for marijuana, the budtender is doing something that is illegal. You personally may not think that smoking marijuana is a bad thing, but you don’t want someone working for you who is okay with doing illegal acts. If you want to maintain your license, you need to keep everything by the book.

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