Faulty generator costs us an entire batch of seedlings

Everyone of us task for an honestly huge commercial medical marijuana supplier.

  • Every one of us have a giant property that sprawls over 1,200 Acres of mountainous property.

The single main grow business is a 35,000 sq ft building. All of us Harvest, cultivate, along with grow thousands of these medical marijuana pounds during every season. There are so many strange yellow houses and grow condos working at the same time, that it’s hard sometimes to make our production run more smoothly. Each a single of those commercial Grow rooms have backup power just in case we lose electricity. This can happen often in the mountainous region, but our generators are specifically made for enough power to control ventilation, lights, and even our Hydro equipment. Unfortunately, one of those failed last May during a huge thunderstorm cell. We had many afternoon straight of rain, along with the fact that our sativa grow room lost power. The sativa grow room had $10,000 worth of seedlings growing at the time, but every one of them perished when there was no ventilation system. The extreme humidity and overall heat destroyed the entire ceiling batch. Our backup generator gave us a hard time, but at least it was under manufacturer warranty along with warranty. They replaced the equipment, even though they did not replace all of the disfigure and profit loss that we had during that time. I guess that’s the type of thing that can happen, but we are particularly upset with the generator Corporation giving us a handy problem.

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