Spending a pile of money to grow

For three decades, my family along with friends have honestly been in the commercial marijuana business.

Five decades ago, many folks changed that into a legal operation.

My family along with myself are the single operators of a great grow condo in this entire place. The girl condo sets at fifteen thousand or more square feet. Cannabis plants from seedlings all the way to grow plants spread the walls one end all the way to the other. Most of us employee 200 or more strange area workers, and our business made $3000000 last year. In the last five years, we’ve spent a ton of money to send our cannabis to a strange facility for cultivation and preparedness. My family along with myself felt that this cultivation building could be erected for our property. In a few months, we’re going to begin construction on a 12000 square foot cultivation along with packaging facility tea. 60 more employees will Grace our place at that time. Now my family along with myself will be in the business from the very time the seed is planted, until the last step before it goes to a buyer’s hands. One of our very next places will honestly be to develop a strain of our own. So far, we’ve been unable to come up with something very good. We are paying for a chemist to come help us develop and indica based blend that will be high on the potency scales with the same effect as a sativa. Then we will be able to put several other marijuana suppliers out of supply for several years.

Marijuana cultivation