14. Ordering marijuana seeds shouldn’t be that easy for my brothers daughter

My brother loves to work in his garden, but he has been having issues with some of the newer trends.

Each year he plants a large vegetable garden and works diligently to get the best crops possible.

He usually starts most of his plants from seeds in the early springtime. He also has a greenhouse, but his kids decided that they wanted to put in some plants of their own in there. He was happy that they seemed to share his same interests, but he found it interesting as to the type of plants they put in there. When my brother asked his oldest about it, she said they were just your usual kinds of plants. Come to find out they had ordered some marijuana plants and put them in his greenhouse. The state my brother lives in has recently passed laws that approve the use of recreational marijuana, but he wished he had some kind of idea that it was that simple to order the seeds from a gardening website. My brother went online to see how easy it was to do, and sure enough he found a place to order cannabis seeds. There are farmers in the state he lives in that offer quality seeds and growing tips for the person who’s just starting. My brother still isn’t sure if he is thrilled about this new addition to his family garden, he hasn’t told me if he’s ripped it from the ground or let it grow, yet. At least she has an interest in growing things.

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