15. Government is blocking progress for local farmers like my brother

When there is a need for change, sometimes the steps that you need to take to make it happen can be too difficult.

My brother and a few other of his communities farming families, have come together to try to make things better for themselves.

With there being a constant battle between market prices, and the importing of fruits and vegetables from other countries are finding it difficult to make ends meet, everyone wants to form a group to combine shared land and start a marijuana farm. Seeing as recreational and medical marijuana are both legal my brothers state, it should be a profitable one. When you combine the experience of several farmers, you’re bound to find a large amount of success. Then when you take into consideration the younger members that have experience with marijuana, and are using computerized watering systems and climate control, they are very happy about the idea of this taking off. The largest issue my brother has is facing the fact that his local government refuses to rezone his farmland to commercial property. Even though the land would still be used for farming purposes, they will be offering their products to retailers for sale, and they say this indicates more of a company rather than a farm. My brother is in the process of filing paperwork to find a way around this is zoning law and hopefully within the next few weeks, they will be able to begin operations.

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