My sister had a weird experience at the farmers market

While my sister was on vacation in the midwest, she came across some really weird sights that she later told me bothered her.

My sister hates anything that is drinking, gambling, and smoking.

Mainly because she was brought up to think they weren’t sufficient forms of behavior. Anyway, my sister was in the Midwest to visit our cousin, who had always been a bit laid-back. She loves that organic life and my sister was ok with that for the most part. My cousin recommended that they go to the farmers market early one morning of my sisters visit. She assumed that they’d just grab some fresh fruits and vegetables. She was happy that they were going, but when they got there, she saw that it was an entirely different kind of farmers market to what she was expecting. She saw no stand that had any vegetables, what she saw instead, where are rows of tents set up with people selling different forms of cannabis. She knew that marijuana was legal in the state where our cousin lived, but she had no idea they sold it out in the open. My sister said our cousin gave her an awkward laugh when she saw she was shocked by the sight. Our cousin explained that she knew a few of the local marijuana farmers and usually tried to support their business. My sister apparently never knew that our cousin used recreational marijuana, so I think that was the biggest shock. She had never imagined that she’d know someone personally that did that. She ended up having a wonderful time for the rest of her visit, and told me that she’ll be going back next year.

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