Ordering marijuana seeds shouldn’t be that easy

Okay, as an avid gardener I I am having a difficult time with some of the current trends.

Each year I plant a large vegetable garden and work diligently to get the best crops possible.

I start most of my plants from seed early in the spring as I have an indoor greenhouse but my son decided that he wanted to put in some plants of his own. I was excited about the fact that he shared my interest and was curious as to what type of plants he wanted to put in. When I asked him about it he just replied, oh the usual, and I thought nothing of it, but when are seed packages arrived and I had to sign as well as show my identification I was very concerned. Come to find out he had ordered some very specific marijuana plants that he wanted to put in my greenhouse. I know that our state has recently passed laws that approve the use of recreational marijuana but I had no idea that you could simply order the seeds from a gardening book. I looked at the catalog I had at the house and they were not listed there. Then, I went online and sure enough there was a section for cannabis seeds. There are farmers in our state that offer quality seeds and even growing tips for the beginning gardener. I am still not sure that I am happy about this addition to our family garden but I guess, so long as he is within the guidelines of the law, I can’t complain too much. At least he has an interest in growing things and hopefully that will continue and include the vegetables too.
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