Strange sight at the farmers market

While vacationing in the midwest I came across some really unusual sights and some of them bothered me.

My family is very straight laced and I was brought up that drinking, gambling, and smoking were not acceptable forms of behavior.

Anyway, I traveled to the Midwest to visit my cousin who had always been a bit on the laid-back side. He was really into living an organic life and I was okay with that for the most part. It always seemed you like a relaxing visit so when he suggested that we had to the farmers market early on Saturday morning I was all for it. I figured that we could pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables and maybe some hand crafted items. I was actually excited about going but when we arrive I saw that it was a very different type of farmers market. I didn’t see any stands that had vegetables, what I saw instead, where are rows of tents set up and people selling different forms of cannabis. I knew that marijuana was legal in the state where he lived but I had no idea that they just sold it out in the open. He kind of chuckled at me when he realized that I was shocked by the sight and then explained that he knew many of the local marijuana farmers and always tried to to support their business. It dawned on me then that my cousin was a person who used recreational marijuana and I was a bit shocked. I had never even imagined that I would know someone personally that did that. I had a great time for the rest of my visit and I will be going back next year. I won’t tell my parents about what I saw and experienced though that is for sure.

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