don't forget about your temperature moderation

When you are growing your cannabis plants at home, it’s not only important to use excellent high performance lighting for your plants, but you also must keep the temperatures within a nice range are the best growth.

You’ll find that when your cannabis plants are performing regular photosynthesis, they will not be able the function well if they are anywhere below 78 degrees.

The plants take in light, water, and CO2 and they need to create sugar and oxygen. When those plants are too cold, they won’t be able to effectively transfer the sugars to where they need to be and this can quickly cause major troubles for the plants. Your plants can become growth stunted or disfigured when the temperatures are not right. If the surrounding temperatures go above 85 degrees this can also be devastating for the House of the plants. While the plants might not die necessarily, they may start to slow down and grow a great deal less efficiently and they unquestionably won’t be able to produce nice buds the same way if they are too warm. This is why it is important to use fans consistently in your grow room to keep the temperatures stable and it’s absolutely essential to use a ventilation method fan to vent out all of the unwanted warm air from the growing area. Overheated cannabis plants generally will commonly suffer from things including spider mites, root rot, nutrient burn, wilting, and over stretching. You can trust me that you unquestionably don’t want these concerns if you truly expect to have a nice product while in harvest.

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