I might as well make some money

One afternoon when I was at the cannabis dispensary, a single of the more friendly bud tenders was telling myself and others at the counter that it would be easy for myself and others to grow our own potent cannabis flowers.

I never thought about growing cannabis before, truly I didn’t even guess I had what it took to grow a successful crop for myself.

Because it was legal in our state though to have so several plants, I figured there is no reason and it couldn’t hurt to supply it a try. I was studying from the friendly budtender about the options I had when it came to getting the exact right cannabis growing equipment. I would need a nice set of high performance lighting method with timers. The bud tender was saying that these days a lot of growers opted for MH or HPS lights, although he personally suggested T5 lights that would not overheat our growing area and that generally would not burn our cannabis plants. I went with his professional recommendation and it worked out perfectly. I got a set of grow bags that I filled with quality soil and I even picked up some local quality organic fertilizer. I just kept thinking about all the tips and recommendations I received from the budtender at the cannabis dispensary. Because he kindly said I could constantly come back and ask for any help, I ended up regularly going back a bunch of times and made a specific request to talk to the same guy. Even when he wasn’t there though, every time there were other budtenders who were just as wise about growing cannabis. \They said that I should get a regular growing license and they would buy cannabis flowers from me.

Growing cannabis