stop restricting everyone

When I first started growing our own cannabis plants and products several years ago, I didn’t guess what I was doing, then, of course, at first I was paranoid, so I put all our cannabis plants into a closet for a few years and restrained everything so you couldn’t see any brilliant light coming from the closet.

At first the cannabis plants were doing okay for a while, but eventually they started to look sickly to everyone as if they were dying.

I came to learn that a big piece of the reason for them dying this way was because they weren’t getting enough ventilation… Cannabis plants requireTons of fresh air just love people do. If a person was trapped in a closet for a few days that was sealed up, eventually they would suffocate, so basically at that time I was suffocating our cannabis plants. Later on after doing some targeted research about how to grow cannabis plants, I eventually acquired how to make a proper grow room with the right lighting, the correct grow tents, and the proper soil and nutrients. I was using a better ventilation fan and I was even providing our cannabis plants with CO2. I swear, I can’t tell you how much those cannabis plants thrived, and I was immediately unquestionably happy with the final result while in harvest. It’s so much less stressful if you are in a legal state and you legally are allowed by law to grow those cannabis plants. I don’t recommend it in states where cannabis is still illegal. The government needs to just collectively legalize cannabis everywhere already so everybody can grow this marvelous plant.

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