Helping my mom with cancer

When my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer our whole family took the hit really hard.

  • The chemotherapy was the scariest section for everyone.

My mother was unhappy to lose his hair and was afraid of the side effects, and we have seen movies of people with cancer and heard stories, and vomiting, pain and issues with sleep were expected. Before my mother went through chemotherapy, I started looking into what I could do to help her. Cannabis has proven to assist with the side effects of chemotherapy. CBD helps to reduce nausea, pain and increase appetite. Before anything was done, I went to a recreational dispensary for some CBD products. The budtender was really great, however she told me that my mother could get a prescription to get a medical marijuana card, she could then go into a medical dispensary and get something more suited to her needs. The medical dispensaries are not like the recreational ones! Rather than having a vape lounge and hanging out with a budtender, it would be a lot enjoy a doctors office. I told my mother about this and we both got on board. The medical dispensary doesn’t even look like they sell cannabis products. It is very professional and classy looking. My mother truly feels more comfortable getting a CBD product from an area that pushes the medical benefits. We now just need to go about getting her prescription. It is amazing the paperwork and hoops that my mother has needed to jump through in order to get a simple card. Then she really has to get a prescription before she gets any product.

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