CBD helps friend with radiation treatment

My friend Frank has been diagnosed with cancer.

He has been doing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

He’s lost his hair, lost weight and is so pale and feeble. I have been very worried that he’s not going to make it. He deals with feeling nauseous and pain on a regular basis. I asked him if he’d tried cannabis to help him with his symptoms. He was not sure that wanted the feeling of being high. I told him about CBD. CBD is a form of cannabis that is proving effective in combating vomiting and pain for cancer patients. CBD doesn’t cause a high sensation. It’s natural and not habit forming. It is commonly used to relieve anxiety and pain. People take it for PTSD, depression, arthritis and all sorts of things. Frank agreed to try CBD oil if I could get it for him. I simply made a stop at the cannabis dispensary to purchase the CBD oil. I consulted with the budtender for the product he recommended for somebody with cancer. When Frank tried the CBD oil, he immediately began feeling so much better. I noticed the spark in his eyes return. He started eating a little more and gaining some weight back. He began smiling and laughing again. The CBD has been a miracle. He said it made him feel overall better. It eases the pain tremendously. He is now interested in the benefits of cannabis and is planning to try THC. I am relieved the CBD worked so well for Frank. I am happy to see him getting better and hope he can make it through this ordeal with cancer.

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