Cannabis is part of my morning routine

What is your morning routine? For me I wake up at the crack of dawn every morning, and I hand grind some coffee beans for the freshest cup of coffee you could possibly imagine.

Then I take my coffee out onto the back porch, I light up a three-paper joint, and I watch the sun come up.

We all have our own idea of paradise and this is mine. No matter what the day holds, or how much grief have to have to take on the job, my morning routine keeps me centered and makes me happy. Normally I like to smoke Blue Dream, that is my personal preference and I keep a healthy stock of it most of the time. If for some reason my stores are low and I don’t have the Blue Dream, then Purple Haze will still get the job done. Everyone is different, but for me the Blue Dream has the cleanest taste to it, with a high minded and clear headed high that doesn’t get in the way of me doing my work. My evening marijuana routine is much different, because in the morning I have to prepare to go out into the world for the day and the night time is my time to chill. After dinner I will usually have a desert of some edibles, maybe pot brownies or some girl scout cookies drizzled with CBD oil. Then I will get out the pipe or the water bong and get into the high grade stuff, usually some OG kush or something with a real kick to it.


CBD oil