I can’t go without my cannabis in the morning hours

What is your day routine? For me I wake up at the crack of dawn every single day, and I hand grind some coffee beans for the most excellent cup of coffee you could possibly imagine… Then I take my coffee out onto the back porch, I light up a fantastic paper joint, and I watch the daylight come up.

  • We truly all have our own thoughts of what paradise is and this is mine for the most part.

No matter what the day holds, or how much stress I have to take for work, my daily routine keeps me centered and makes me completely glad. Normally I enjoy smoking Blue Dream, that is my personal preference and I keep a healthy stock of it often. If for some reason my stores are low and I don’t have the Blue Dream, then Purple Haze will still be alright for me. Everyone is entirely different, however for me the Blue Dream has the cleanest taste to it, with a high minded and clear headed high that doesn’t mess me up when I am attempting to work. My evening marijuana routine is quite a bit different, because in the day I have to prepare to go out into the world for the day and the evening time is my time to just relax and chill! After dinner I will usually have a dessert of a few edibles, maybe pot brownies or some girl scout cookies drizzled with a generous amount of CBD oil. Then I will get out the pipe or the water bong and get into the really good stuff, usually some Pineapple Express or something with a total kick to it.