I have the best job working for a cannabis dispensary

Follow your dreams, people, I cannot stress this enough… It’s relatively easy for myself and others to say, of course, because it all worked out for me.

  • Maybe the key is managing your dreams, making them attainable, and giving yourself a chance for success.

I never had sky high ambitions, to be perfectly honest, despite the fact that I always wanted to travel. I never wanted to have any job that wouldn’t let me get high, however now, at age 30, I am making an enjoyable living, traveling all around the world all the time & being stoned almost the entire time, and life is fabulous! Maybe working for a high end national cannabis dispensary network as a taster & a client isn’t everyone’s idea of heaven, however it sure is for me. Do what you care about & you never have to work an afternoon in your life. In my case what I care about is tasting new, exotic strains of marijuana buds… Of course this means I now take a more studied approach to my cannabis use, & I certainly don’t smoke dirt weed. I need to keep my palate & my head clear before I am sampling, so I can gauge the real effect & flavor of each particular strain & blend of cannabis. As much as I care about getting high, I also care about doing an enjoyable job, & finding only the finest tasting & highest THC levels of marijuana for our customers. As long as I can keep delivering the 4 star cannabis growers, our customers will be perfectly cheerful & that gives me a great deal of job security.

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