I really enjoyed learning about the CBD products

I’ve never been entirely clever when it came to science, or math either, which is something like the irritated step-parent of science.

  • When it comes to history, writing, studying, almost anything else there is some level of wiggle room.

Science and math are both extremely precise, and you are either right or wrong with no margin of error. So it was terribly difficult for me to get through all the training at my new task, because I had no idea there would be so much science involved with working at a cannabis dispensary. Marijuana I already knew plenty about, the training was mainly all about CBD oils and isolates, what they do, and who benefits the most from them. It turned out to be extremely interesting, and I learned how CBD oil was the strictly medicinal extract used to help people with mental and physical ailments. Personally I still adore smoking weed the best, but there are people out there who need the medical benefits of CBD and don’t want to (or can’t) get high. One of our proper customers is a person getting CBD distillate for her young son who has horrible seizures. The CBD helps to calm him and prevent these seizures from happening, so now I genuinely understand how crucial this product can be to many people. I pride myself on being a top flight budtender, but I realize a part of that is knowing how to help our clients. Reading about the bizarre CBD line of products was seriously enjoyable for me. I think out of everything the people I was with and I offer our number one has to be the CBD edibles.


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