I was shocked when my former college roommate made it big in the cannabis industry

Back in college, my freshman year dorm mate was a woman named Sandra, as well as Sandra had a lot of large ideas about the future.

  • She saw the college experience about being a lot more than just attending class, this was a microcosm of civilization, as well as she wanted to learn how to make currency in any way she could manage.

She always kept her grades high, no doubt, however her focus was always on her extracurricular activities. She “kept book” a slang term for saying she was an athletic interests bookie as well as took bets from various students. She also started a low key network for selling cannabis on campus, which is the point I moved out. Much to my surprise, Sandra was dire about her intentions to learn, because years after that she is a proud owner of a series of odd cannabis dispensaries around the state. In school I felt as though I had to distance myself, because selling cannabis out of your dorm room was totally illegal. It still is, to be honest, however, Sandra has evolved into a new company mogul who parlayed her company acumen as well as enjoyment of cannabis into building her own local empire. This doesn’t make me wish I started selling marijuana with her back then, however it does make me wish both of us had remained friends. I smoke a little cannabis every now as well as then, however absolutely am more interested in getting a job with her as well as becoming a budtender. It’s completely ironic, that I didn’t want to help her sell cannabis, as well as now I’m asking her for a job to sell cannabis?