I wish I would have stayed friends with my college roommate who owns a bunch of cannabis dispensaries now

When I was in college, my freshman year dorm mate was a guy named Tony.

Tony had a lot of sizable ideas about the future.

He basically saw the college experience about being a lot more than just going to class, this was a microcosm of society, and he wanted to learn how to make a sizable amount of currency in any way he could. He always kept his grades high, no doubt, however his focus was always on his extracurricular activities. He “kept book” a slang term for saying he was a sports bookie and took bets from other students. He also started a low key network for selling a good amount of cannabis on campus, which is the point I moved out. Much to my shock, Tony was extreme about his intentions to learn, because years after that he is a proud owner of a series of cannabis dispensaries around the state. In college I felt pretty much like I had to distance myself, because selling marijuana out of your dorm room was totally illegal. It still is, to be honest, however Tony has evolved into a modern business mogul who parlayed his business acumen and adoration of cannabis into building his own local empire… This doesn’t make me wish I started selling marijuana with him back in those days, however it does make me wish both of us had stayed friends back then. I smoke some cannabis every so often, however am more interested in getting a job with him and becoming a budtender. It’s totally ironic, that I didn’t want to help him sell cannabis, and now I’m asking him for a job to sell cannabis?

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