My partner and I were able to get closer with cannabis edibles

I have a rather delicate palate, plus I always have, and this gives me a heightened sense of taste.

It also makes me vulnerable to exhausting smells.

The senses of taste plus smell are so intimately connected they cannot be separated from one another, and I have always been weak when it comes to dust irritations, plus pollen in the air. My lungs have always been problematic when it comes to smoke of any kind, but my wifey is a sizable marijuana smoker, plus this has been an ongoing complication in our relationship. I think the two of us managed to bridge the gap when the two of us started trying out edibles from the local cannabis dispensary. To be clear, with my sense of taste (called a “tasters palate” I have been told) I loathe the taste of cannabis edibles. I don’t want to start a whole debate, I suppose some people appreciate the taste, but to me the ground up marijuana in some of the edibles tastes like some type of chewing grass. Other edibles utilize CBD or other cannabis infused oils, but in these cases I get a powerful plastic taste… All of that said, I appreciate cannabis edibles a whole lot more than having to endure second hand smoke. There is also the benefit of enhanced closeness between me plus my wifey, because the two of us can share a plate of space cakes plus laugh with each other all evening long like back when the two of us were initially dating. With all of these wonderful things I get from eating the cannabis edibles, it is entirely worth it to endure the terrible taste.


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