Peace, love, and cannabis

I have always been a big fan of Bob Marley.

With my appreciation of his music, I have also appreciated his lifestyle of the years.

This is why I started smoking cannabis at a younger age. There was nothing better than jamming out to the songs while smoking some cannabis. There is a certain reverence to it. Eventually, I decided to look more into the religious side of using cannabis. I came to learn that it is written in the bible that every green herb on the planet was intended for man as a gift from God. I looked into the Rastafarian religion and I really connected with it along with the religious teachings. I also appreciate the other Marleys like Ziggy and Damian Marley. I have all of their music albums and they are great. A lot of people know that I appreciate cannabis and that I have a religious belief about it. I often talk to people about the religious side and oftentimes we will all go down to the cannabis dispensary and pick up some cannabis products. Some people will get involved with my religious ceremonies and we will pray together and study scripture. Others just love to hang out and take some puffs of cannabis flower, and that’s alright too. A lot of my buddies appreciate Bob Marley almost as much as I do and I’m really happy about that. The more people who are touched by this wonderful music, the better we are off. The music is all about peace and loving your fellow people in the world.
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