The cannabis dispensary is a fun date night with my girl

My girl and I had a pretty cool vacation.

Last month, every one of us traveled to a distant location where neither of us have ever visited.

There was some crazy amazing scenery and each of us saw Wildlife that we had not viewed before. We saw the desert and a lot of mountains. This area has one specific cool section. The area has legalized medical and recreational cannabis. My partner and I thought it would be really fun and neat to visit a cannabis dispensary while we were in town. We could not believe the number of cannabis products that were available for purchase. They had sativa, indica, and even a bunch of different hybrid cannabis products. There was a bucket with a small magnifying glass so we could smell each one of the different medical cannabis strains. They even had a large drink cooler with edible edible products love chocolate, dried fruit, candy, plus even energy drinks. My girl and I walked around for at least 30 minutes viewing all of the different things. We smelled every single container that had blood inside. Since we were in town traveling around, the Cannabis budtender suggested that the two of us purchased some discreet pre-rolled medical cannabis. They had nearly two dozen different strains available and that was great for our experience. We purchased a couple of different things that were discreet and inside of smell proof container. We didn’t want anyone in our hotel to know our business and that means not having the smell of cannabis linger in the air all day.