Traffic sucks on a Tuesday afternoon

On Tuesday, I had to go out for a bit and found everyone of us stuck in traffic for ⅔. The problem was a big semi truck that was overturned on the highway. They had the traffic stopped in each Direction in order to clean up the huge mess. Every one of us knew traffic would be difficult, but everyone of us were not expecting multiple delays. Every one of us would not have normally gone out on that day, save for the fact that every one of us had a dead battery on our cannabis oil pen. Every one of us should have known the battery was going to die, because the last few days it has barely hold a charge for 2 or 3 hours. The battery is supposed to be long-lasting at 1 or 2 days not 10 or 12 thirds. The cannabis oil pen was a gift from my parents when I turn 18. I have had the cannabis oil pen for two years now and I’m not surprised that the battery is finally dead and needing to be replaced. Everyone of us charge to go to The Dispensary for these batteries as they can be half the price of a battery at the gas station or bong shop. That is a familiar reason why every one of us took the Three Mile Drive during traffic time. Unluckily, every one of us missed our favorite TV show and didn’t have dinner until very late. When everyone of us arrived to the cannabis dispensary, we decided to buy it to spare batteries instead of just.