Happy to move to start a new cannabis business

I recently moved to a southern state to manage a medical marijuana dispensary.

One of my school friends made the choice to get a medical marijuana dispensary franchise last March. He asked me to transport down south, so both of us could get things started with the new marijuana dispensary. I thought about the decision for a couple of weeks. My girlfriend and I were already having a hard time, so she didn’t really have a reason to stay. My mom and my Dad don’t live near me, so they were no reason to stay either. When I made the decision, I felt rather gleeful about the fluctuations. I packed all of my possessions into a small uhaul van and moved across the country. I lived with my pal and slept on his couch for three months before I found my own residence. During that time, we were working hard with setting up the current medical marijuana dispensary. The inventory came by certified delivery and my pal had to sign for all of the goods. Two sizable delivery trucks came with the stacks of cannabis products. The total cost to start up was close to $110,000, including a variety of smokable cannabis flowers, tinctures, distillate syringes, and prerolls. All of the shelves are actually filled with marijuana treats. The people I was with and I are set to open our doors next month on the 17th, a short while before “420”. The people I was with and I are going to have some of the finest specials on all things in stock, including cheap “4.20” prerolls. The people I was with and I are planning on having some superb glass blowing demonstrations and some guest speakers from marijuana farms in the local community. The people I was with and I also plan on having a classic rock band on opening night. Opening weekend is going to be a fantastic celebration to celebrate the grand opening of our current store.



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