I was so happy when my guy sent me a cannabis growing kit

I have been so distraught as of late because I haven’t been able to see my guy while all of us are confined to our dwellings.

My guy and I both agreed that it was best not to contact other people while in this time when all of us are supposed to be working on social distancing! I still go to the store when I need to get various supplies, despite the fact that I always wear a mask as well as only get the things I require.

I don’t actually feel comfortable being around multiple people at the stores though, especially if other people are not wearing any masks. Well, my husband did the sweetest thing the other day for me, he had a special delivery sent to me from the cannabis dispensary. They are doing this no contact delivery service now at the cannabis dispensary, so you don’t have to be bothered about getting anybody’s germs. He sent me some delicious chocolates that were cannabis infused, as well as he also sent me a cannabis growing kit. I didn’t know anything about growing cannabis, however he told me that he was going to walk me through the process on the iphone. He convinced me that learning about how to grow marijuana was pressing at a time like this when all of us don’t actually know if the cannabis dispensaries will be able to keep up with the demands of the community. He said that multiple cannabis dispensaries were already running out of certain cannabis products, as well as he wanted to make sure I was able to grow my own without having to worry about running out. I swear, it was such a sweet gesture from him. He got me some great strains and I particularly can’t wait to get started with the cannabis grow room to see how I do.



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