CBD oil has been so helpful for my niece’s seizures

My niece has had terrible seizures ever since she was born ten years ago.

Sometimes she would have up to a dozen seizures a day and it really affected her quality of life.

She tried all different kinds of medications that her doctors suggested, but nothing really helped with the seizures. Then my sister took her to a different doctor that they had never seen before and he was all about trying other sorts of remedies. One of the things that he suggested using to try and help stop the seizures was CBD oil. Apparently, CBD oil helps to calm down the part of the nervous system that is responsible for causing seizures. At first, my sister was hesitant to try it because of the stigma that has always surrounded marijuana in any form. But then she did some research on the different types of CBD oil that exist and she realized that CBD oil is probably the best thing on earth that’s available for her daughter to use. She immediately went to the nearest cannabis dispensary to purchase the correct type of CBD oil for her daughter. The employees at the cannabis dispensary were super helpful in finding exactly the right cannabis edibles for my niece. Since she’s a child, she can’t exactly use a vape pen or anything like that. Cannabis edibles are the best way for her to get the needed CBD oil into her system. After she had been using CBD oil for just a couple of days, we already started to notice a difference in her seizures. I’m really glad that the cannabis dispensary is close to my sister’s house so that she will be able to keep CBD oil on hand for my niece.

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