Current cannabis delivery services harken back to the days of bicycle dealers in NYC

Cannabis has a long and assorted history that goes far back beyond the current day. Researchers have found THC molecules when doing autopsies on Ancient Egyptian mummies. India similarly has a relationship with the plant that goes nearly as far back into Ancient times. Some have said that the recent apprehension to marijuana use was an avoidable byproduct of deceitful propaganda, governments bent on destroying the plant’s reputation to protect oil and cotton industries from facing competition with hemp based products. Despite this, cannabis thrived in underground use from day one. It’s just that more and more people are trying it as the archaic laws and bans are lifted slowly but surely. For instance, New York didn’t get a medical cannabis program until a couple of years ago. This liberal state was famous for their bicycle riding street dealers that would bring marijuana to our NYC apartment after making arrangements over the phone. It’s crazy to see legitimate cannabis delivery programs running in many of these same neighborhoods. Although the dispensaries that deliver don’t use bicyclists, it seems like they’re still carrying the torch forward for both city and suburban residents alike. I just wish that more of the cannabis dispensaries in my state offered delivery programs. Of the few that do, all of them have fees that you pay with each order. As crazy as it may sound, sometimes this fee is as high as $25 per order. It’s hard for me to fathom spending this much to get a delivery order. Sometimes I only want to spend $50 at the dispensary at a time, meaning that my delivery fee would equal half of my entire order total.

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