I just took my first trip to the legal weed dispensary and now they’re delivering

Last month I was able to walk into a legal weed dispensary for the very first time in my life.

I remember thinking about this momentous day about a decade ago when I was still in college.

None of us thought that our state would see legal marijuana in any form for at least three decades. Even as the tide was turning in other states, I was used to the Draconian mindset among the older and more conservative population in my area. What I didn’t realize is that many of the groups of people who I assumed didn’t like the plant were in fact enjoying it in the privacy of their own homes. It took a few months for our state medical cannabis registry to reach 20,000 patients. You don’t get to a number like that without thousands of baby boomers that are existing marijuana users. And many of the holdouts are now trying the plant to positive effects. I had been eager to get myself registered so I could have legal access, but it took awhile. When I finally went to the dispensary when my card arrived, I was blown away when they told me that I could order for home delivery. This dispensary has their own cannabis delivery service and they do not charge you extra to utilize it. As long as you can wait up to three days to get your delivery, you can get all of your marijuana purchases delivered to your front door as a medical cannabis patient. I have heard that we might have a full cannabis legalization bill on the November voting ballot later this year. If recreational use became legal, everyone could get cannabis delivered to their front door.
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