I think it’s absolutely crazy that I can buy marijuana online and thru the internet

It was amazing when Amazon started to take off in the early 2000s.

Never before was there a centralized online retailer like this offering so many different products at affordable prices.

They took what started as an online marketplace—like ebay—and combined it with their online bookstore. By 2010, Amazon was a massively huge business and had firmly established itself as a household name. I was ecstatic when Amazon Prime was introduced and still remember buying many of my textbooks for undergraduate school from their bookstore at massively reduced prices. With Prime, you could get your textbooks two days after making the order. Many of us got all of our school books this way to avoid the 200% markup at the campus bookstore. But there was one thing that I would have never expected, especially back then while I was still young and in school. That factor is online marijuana businesses. In states with either medical or recreational cannabis markets, many companies are choosing the route of being an online-only business. You make a shopping order with a phone app and you’re given two options for receiving your weed products. First, you can utilize their cannabis delivery service and have your order delivered to your front door like a pizza. Your other option is drive-by curbside pickup—they walk your bag up to your car window as you pull up to their building. Regardless of how you get your cannabis after you order, it’s great having the option to buy marijuana without going to a store to look in person. I don’t want to wait in long lines, especially if I’m not even sure the store has my products in stock before stepping into line.

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