It’s a normal thing

Only a few short years ago, I was shocked at the plan of legalizing marijuana, and I enjoy cannabis with those loser potheads that I went to school with and, later on, that I taught when I was a private school mentor.

I can still remember that everyone who wanted legal cannabis were constantly just grown up versions of those rather idiotic kids.

I thought the last thing they needed was legal access to marijuana because they already seemed to have lost half their brain cells, however, then, my state legalized medical marijuana, and they have yet to make recreational marijuana legal, however that afternoon is coming, I have no doubts! At this point, medical marijuana seems to be as mainstream as a glass of whiskey, but I don’t think there are marijuana bars like there are alcohol bars — at this point, and anyway, now that cannabis is legal for medical use, there are medical cannabis dispensaries popping up all over town. I am sure they are profitable. Also, I am going into a cannabis dispensary for the first time after work today. I have arthritis, & all the dentists will do is give me drugs that don’t actually work. I can’t get, & don’t want narcotics; everyone knows how addictive they are. Advil & Tylenol don’t help very much. I’m going to talk to the woman & get either CBD oil or CBD ointments and then try to get rid of the arthritis pain in my back & knees & hips. In addition to the arthritis, I also have fibromyalgia, which causes generalized pain all around the body, however fingers crossed that the medical cannabis product helps. I would loved to have pain free afternoons again!

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