Now that social distancing is being lifted, I have started buying cannabis via delivery

I’m scared seeing so many people stop wearing face coverings and ignoring social distancing rules after our governor started reopening the state last month. And I know that our state is not alone—numbers of infectious people are rising at a worrying rate in key states like Arkansas, Oregon, Utah, Texas, and Arizona. Worried that we may be looking at a second wave of deadly infections, I have been as diligent as I have ever been through this entire pandemic to prevent as much unnecessary risk as I possibly can. The grocery stores can be scary if you’re surrounded by people refusing to wear a face covering to prevent asymptomatic transmission of the virus. Some of the cannabis dispensaries in my area have been too lax with their initiatives to fight COVID-19. They’re already starting to fill their tiny lobbies again to get patients lined up for an hour or more at a time. You have to stay in a cramped room for that long just to get your cannabis products, often with up to 30 other people or more. When I found a company that offers free delivery of all of their various marijuana products, I never looked back. I have been lucky that this particular cannabis delivery service also offers high quality whole marijuana flower and heat seals the plastic jars before twisting on the lids. Knowing that I can prevent unnecessary exposure by getting all of my cannabis delivered to my front door has been a huge relief. And now that they’re even offering contactless delivery like the pizza places did, it makes getting your medicine even safer.


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