The best recreational weed dispensary stopped charging for home delivery

Sometimes it takes me years to find a product or business that I like and want to stay loyal to.

Finding a general physician when I moved across the country was exceedingly difficult.

There are so many of them that it may seem at a cursory glance that the number of options would translate to a better chance of finding someone good. But that doesn’t happen with physicians, regardless of whether or not they’re a general practitioner or a specialist of some kind. I had to cycle through about four or five choices before I found a doctor that understood all of my various health needs and the medications I take to address my symptoms. I thought it was hard enough to choose a pharmacy when I moved to my new city but just the doctor alone took me several months of trial and error. Similarly, I’ll never forget when I looked online at local cannabis dispensaries after the plant was legalized recreationally in my state last year. There seemed to be so many choices and I was confident that I’d have access to the best marijuana that money can buy. The truth has been far more disappointing. So many of these companies are just trying to churn out passable products to make as much money in the short term as they possibly can. You end up with a choice of five different cannabis dispensaries where the THC content in the whole flower is always below 15%. I was ecstatic when I found a better dispensary that offers whole flower with a percentage of 20% to 30% depending on the batch. Best of all, this company just stopped charging for home delivery. You can’t beat high quality cannabis delivered to your door for no additional cost.

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