The local marijuana business has some crazy items inside

The local mariuana business here in town has some really crazy items for sale inside. When I first went in the store to look around, I noticed a whole shelf of items called Blue Dream, Purple Haze, and Girl Scout cookies. Of course, they weren’t your regular old Girl Scout cookies that you would buy from little girls outside of the grocery store! I wasn’t really expecting that sort of thing when I walked into the local marijuana dispensary. I guess I had some preconceived notions about what I was going to find on the shelves inside. I had pictured bongs and pipes and jars full of marijuana. I thought that maybe they would have some different kinds of marijuana oil pens, since those are becoming pretty popular around here, but I never even dreamed that they would have so many different kinds of marijuana products on the shelves. Honestly, I really didn’t even know that these kinds of products existed. It was interesting to go in and look around to see all of the different types of recreational marijuana that they had for sale. I took a shopping basket and basically filled the whole thing up before I had gone down two aisles of the store. The employees in the local marijuana business were very knowledgeable and helpful and I learned a lot while I was there! I’m already looking forward to my next trip to the marijuana business. I found so many different things that I wanted to try, but of course I couldn’t get them all at once. Hopefully, the next time I go, I can try some of the Blue Dream!

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