You don’t want plastic byproducts getting into your cannabis

I never really knew what it was, but coffee from glass bottles tastes way better than coffee from plastic bottles. For quite a few years my friends & family members would tease me when I’d mention my preference for glass bottle drinks. I’ve said the same thing about beer & wine many times over the years. Even though I was not able to explain my reasoning even slightly, I was convinced of this fact for the longest time. When I started reading about plastics leaching chemicals into drinks—often from minimal heat exposure during storage—I felt pretty much like I had finally stumbled upon a scientific explanation for my glass bottle preference. In particular, numerous older plastic bottles were using a chemical byproduct called BPA. Several studies were able to find that BPA was both toxic in long term exposure & actually gets into a plastic bottle’s contents if even just a slight amount of heat or UV light is exposed to the bottle. This is primarily the reason why my number one cannabis dispensary in my hometown decided to stop using plastic jars for their products as soon as the business could afford to. They have told me that the other sizable reason is that the glass jars with the silicone rings at the top are way better for how fresh they keep your marijuana flower. Between not thinking about chemicals leaching into your weed, nor having your stash go dry during closed storage, I definitely know that I will consistently choose a glass bottle for my cannabis if I’m offered the choice. I can thank all of the glass bottled coffee & beer that allowed me to reach this point.



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