Cannabis Cafe Might Be Good Place for Bridal Shower

My buddy Jennifer is getting married this summertime and the bachelorette is coming up soon.

Each bridesmaid is expected to come up with an interest to do during the weekend.

I found our interest but I am nervous to pitch our idea. I found that the state the two of us are in allows for recreational marijuana. I bet there are some of the ladies that have never smoked weed in our bridal party. I know Jennifer has only smoked a few times and not since university. I want to take the girls to a marijuana cafe and get high. At the cafe you can order things to smoke with a vape or a joint; You also can have fresh fruit smoothies and juices. There are meals and desserts with cannabis in them too. I looked over the menu for the cannabis cafe and it is diverse. There are flatbreads, quinoa bowls, wraps, sandwiches and all sorts of cakes that have a pretty high THC gratified. I think it will be a legitimately fun time for us. Getting high seems like a wild bachelorette party thing to do. It is also something the two of us can’t do back home. It would be a current experience for pretty much everyone. I am hoping there won’t be girls refusing to go since marijuana still has the stigma of being awful for you. If they do, I think they should just be left behind. I legitimately want to try the cafe after looking at pictures of the inside and of the items on the menu. It looks entirely professional, scrub and the food looks tasty!


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