CBD and Marijuana for the New Bride

My cousin recently announced his engagement and I am invited to the girl’s bridal shower.

I have no idea what kind of girl she is or what would be a good gift.

I am kind of out of our element here. I don’t want to purchase her any dining room utensils since she has lived with our cousin for a long time. I don’t want to get her clothes for fear they might be the wrong sizes. So what do I do now? I did some poking around online and I found a cannabis dispensary that sells fun CBD products. There are shampoos, conditioners and bath bombs with CBD. There are also butters, cooking oils and sprays with cannabis oil. I even found some legitimately cool looking brownies and lollipop edibles at our local cannabis dispensary. I found gummies that have a great THC gratification that are shaped like a penis. How cute is that? I thought I could get her a bath set and the gummies. The bridal cannabis package seems like a fun gift to me, then recreational marijuana is not outlawed in our state but it does still have the stigma. I am wondering if she will like the gift. If she is a goody 2 shoes and believes that people who smoke pot are useless potheads, then she will dislike our gift. If she is open minded or even smokes weed, it would make an awesome gift. I think I am going to take the risk anyway. If she doesn’t like the penis CBD gummies, I will be taking our gifts beach house with me and using them. I like shampoo, I love to eat me some penis gummies. Who wouldn’t like it right?

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