Delivery Services Have Improved my Life

Social distancing is pure joy for me; Everyone is legitimately sad that they can’t go out to eat, go to bars or hang out with my buddies, and for an antisocial person, this is like going on getaway; I am not a fan of going out to eat and being around crowds of people.

I am able to hole up in our beach house and daily life is much easier now.

I can have groceries delivered rather than aimlessly wander around the store; Most services that take forever doing check ups and inspections, will now complete online consultations, what is legitimately cool is our cannabis dispensary is now employing cannabis delivery services. I used to need to drive to the dispensary, find what I need to get and pay at the counter. The cannabis dispensary is out of the way for me. I was forever having to make a special trip for it. I also don’t legitimately prefer having meaningless conversations with the budtender. I know what I want. I like what I like. I get the same product every single time. With online services, I buy our same stuff, put it in our cart and it magically arrives at our door. There is a bit of a fee to have someone drop it off. I could do curbside option up, but even that is too much trouble. I am willing to pay anything to have our weed and have it show up at my door. I almost guess like a king. I just go on our tablet and literally whatever I want can come to our door now. I get food from our number one steakhouse, my most-loved strain of weed and I have myself a little party.

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