Learning the parts of growing pot

My dad had a mid-life crisis, as well as sold the company he had been developing since college… He got a big fat payout as well as got to leave the mouse race, which I totally understand, what I didn’t understand was him moving us out of the city as well as way out into the sticks.

He purchased a large chunk of land, with a several study room, several story ranch modern home in the middle of farming country, on the edge of a lake.

He said he wanted to get back to nature, but the rest of us hated it, then that is, until we met our neighbor Pembrose, who was a pot farmer of the highest order. He was sixty several years old, he told us, as well as had been cultivating marijuana crops for the last fifty of those years. The fact that we were living next to a high end pot farmer certainly changed our perspective on living in the country, i don’t just mean because there was an endless source of free cannabis, despite the fact that he was eager to share his wisdom on growing as well as cultivating marijuana. He might have been one of the greatest minds in pot farming history, for all I knew, as well as he was willing to teach myself and others the ropes! I’m not sure that this is the kind of “getting back to nature” our dad had in mind, but after I harvest our first crops I will tell him about how I am learning to grow pot. (Oh, as well as by the way the guy’s name is not certainly Pembrose, I would never reveal a pot farmer’s identity on this website!)

Warehouse grow room