Medical Marijuana Produces no High

My bestie and I both have enjoyed inhaling recreational marijuana for quite some time, but just our luck – our state only allows for medical marijuana.

My bestie ended up going to a dentist’s office so she could get a prescription so she can have some flowers and oils with cannabis in them.

After she purchased the products she smoked right that day. The medical marijuana she got had hardly any THC within it. It was kind of a letdown for him! She didn’t get any kind of high, ecstatic or creative. She ate a few oreos and then took a nap. Other than that, she was just like always; Now she has a bunch of cannabis products that she doesn’t even care about. The high feeling is just not what she was hoping for. When the two of us were on our weekend getaway, the state had recreational marijuana. The 2 of us got to try cannabis oil pens, edibles and a good variety of strains with heavy THC. It was a legitimately great time and a great high feeling. The 2 of us were giggling, ecstatic and it was the highlight of the trip. I suppose the two of us can’t expect to have that same experience from medical marijuana here. It is a bit of a disappointment honestly. Perhaps our state will allow for recreational marijuana soon. If not, I am going to go on a trip with my bestie back to the state where recreational marijuana is not against the law. She is dying to smoke something great and is bummed about what she purchased here. I also would like to try weird edibles the next time the two of us visit the cannabis dispensary.

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