Parties Have Weed Instead of Booze Nowadays

For years our buddies and I would get together to party and drink.

  • Typically the two of us would go out to a bar and spend half our paychecks on entirely small drinks that weren’t too good.

When we got older, someone would host and have to supply booze for the whole party. I hated drinking. I don’t like to enjoy drunkenness. I tend to lose all motor skills and fall down. I also get super hungover and end up hugging the toilet the next day. The whole party and the day after was destroyed for me. After recreational marijuana became legal in our state, our methodology changed. Rather than go to bars, the group of us go to cannabis cafes now. The cafes are amazing places since you get drinks, dinner and dessert with cannabis in it. The cannabis cafes usually offer vegetarian and vegan options. Everything is made from scratch, is fresh and seems to be healthy. Afterwards the two of us all party and smoke at someone’s apartment or cardboard box. Everyone has their single cannabis supplies and contributes. Some of my buddies like to vape, others rip a bong while I appreciate a pipe. It is fun being high together instead of drinking. Nobody is falling over, crying or getting into fights. The next day I feel perfectly fine, too. I don’t consume tons of calories, throw up or have a breaking headache. I wake up right on time the next day, have our Starbucks Coffee and work out. Smoking weed is just a lot more fun as a group. I would rather smoke a joint than drink a shot for sure.


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