Social Distancing is Ruining My High

The coronavirus is seriously screwing up our schedule.

I can’t do anything I normally like to do. I am a single of those oddball people that like going into the office. I like dressing up, having some down time with our coworkers and making the commute, and driving in rush hour isn’t a problem for me since I listen to a podcast there and back. After work I hit our gym, eat at a nearby fast food joint and maybe take a trip to the mall. I am an entirely social and active woman. With social distancing I can’t go anywhere. I am stuck at home. I can’t go out to eat or even to the grocery store without wearing a mask. What legitimately smells is our cannabis dispensary isn’t letting people inside. You can order the products online and either get cannabis delivery to your house or do curbside option up. I don’t like this at all. Going to the dispensary is a social thing for me. I would rather talk to the budtender for a while. She usually tells me what is something new and what products she in unique enjoys for me. The dispensary I go to has a vape lounge that I used to enjoy. I like impulse buys as well. I walk around the store and see things I wouldn’t normally purchase, but hastily have to have. With ordering online, I get the same thing and am starting to feel bored. I can’t get any recommendations and there is nothing current out just yet. At least I can still purchase our weed, but it is just not the same anymore. I don’t even have anyone to smoke my weed with due to social distancing.