Trying marijuana through weed store

All of my friends are active cannabis users. So whenever they would all group up at their place and get legal cannabis delivery service or actually go down to a legal weed store, I always felt left out, because I was not into smoking weed products. They were nice about it and tried to make me feel included, but I could always tell when they were going to head on over to a recreational weed store without me. Sometimes when they would leave I would read about legal cannabis products and the benefits of them, but I could never bring myself to experience it myself. One time I even stood outside of a marijuana dispensary, but I didn’t go inside. I guess eventually I got tired of constantly being left behind by my friends, so one time when they were about to leave to go to a legal weed dispensary, I decided to tag alone. They were surprised that I was going with them, and suddenly all of the attention was on me. My friends took the time to show me the different aspects and benefits of the cannabis dispensary. Eventually it got to the point where they convinced me to try smoking with them. I really didn’t want to feel left out again, so I agreed. After about 15 minutes, the world became a very interesting place and I began to see some funny stuff. I got to joke around with my friends and just in general have a really good time. I doubt I will become a regular at a weed store, but at least I can now join my friends and not feel so left out.

legal weed delivery