Bonding while being high

My boyfriend Jamie and I recently went to a party hosted by his buddies! It was just a few of us, having a good time plus some laughs.

I have known Kyle for sometime now, plus I like him well enough.

We have always gotten along but both of us never made that connection that turns people into good friends, you know what I mean? We were nice, exchanged some banter, but never entirely knew each other. As the night moved on my boyfriend Jamie plus I were the last guests there, so I thought it was time to break out my vape and smoke. I had enough for all of the people left, plus offered a couple of the marijuana edibles to Kyle. Kyle said he had never taken cannabis that way before, and hadn’t smoked weed in many years. I explained how the effects of an edible were more potent than smoking cannabis, and the THC content of these gummies was extremely high. If I’m going to have some mairjuana edibles, I want the THC content to be as high as it can be, that’s just how I like it to be. Kyle ended up splitting the difference with me. He ate one half, so I ate the other half. After a few glasses of wine, that THC infused piece of gummy set myself and Kyle off just right. We ended up really talking and getting to know each other. Granted we were super high, but I feel way closer to him than ever.

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