Can I give my dog weed?

I made a big mistake when I got a big dog.

I’m not saying that getting the dog was a mistake but I made big mistakes while training my dog.

For instance, I truly should have put more effort into the bed training him. Now that my dog is over a hundred pounds, and I simply cannot leave my dog alone. He breaks out of his crate. He has extreme separation anxiety and he destroys the house while he is all by himself. I had to hire a professional trainer to help us with this. But, in the meantime, my poor puppy gets what he wants. That means he gets to go all over the place. So I have to order all of my food online and then have them delivered to my house. That also means that I ordered all of our marijuana products on the computer too. Now these are legal marijuana products sold by recreational marijuana shops. They have a truly nice shop with a lot of different marijuana strains for sale. I used to go inside, back before my dog wouldn’t let me leave. But now, I just order what I need and then they take it out to me at the house. Cannabis delivery is kind of sweet. I have even thought of finding a strain of weed that might mellow my dog out. What would happen if he ate an edible? Maybe my dog would let me go places if he was high or zoned out.

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